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Safe water Technologies West is dedicated to providing water process equipment to meet the need for crystal clear, bacteria free, water that doesn't stain or leave "ring around the toilet".

City water can be "hard" leaving white stains and hard water spots on the shower doors and fixtures.  It also will contain chlorine, for disinfection, leaving a bad taste and smell in the water.  Hanish Water Crest 10 systems filter bacteria, remove unwanted chlorine and eliminate hard water problems without the use of SALT!

Well water can have many issues starting with e Coli and Coliform bacteria.  Safe Water Technologies has the latest in Ultraviolet equipment and the exclusive HomeSpring that actually removes pathogens by filtration for the whole house.  We also have the MetalEase Iron removal system which uses no air injection or chemicals in the cleaning process.  Only a vigorous backwash is required.

Serving Inland Northwest. Give us a call for FREE ELECTRONIC in home water analysis.
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